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13th Meeting Project
Treviso, March 18th, 2016
Project Final Conference
Treviso, March 17th, 2016
Fourth PERHT Monitoring Visit
Treviso, December 11th, 2015

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PERHT is part-funded under LIFE+ Program, contract no. LIFE+11 ENV/IT/015

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PERHT, “Parking green services for better environment in historic towns” (contr. LIFE11 ENV/IT/015), is a pilot project part-funded by the EC under the LIFE+ Program – the EU financial instrument for the environment – financed among some hundred European projects selected in response to LIFE+ 2011 call.

PERHT addresses the very important issue of people and goods mobility by the implementation of appropriate and innovative "green" parking schemes and associated measures in small-/mid-size historic towns such as Treviso, where the impacts of individual and commercial traffic are more severe.

Launched in October 2012 and running until March 2016, the LIFE+ PERHT project involves a cooperation between local authorities (Municipality of Treviso), transport service providers (ACTT Treviso) and engineering and research companies (MemEx - Livorno, Softeco Sismat - Genova). The international dimension of the problem and the potentials for transferability of the identified solutions are also illustrated by the cooperation with EAHTR, the European Association of Historic Towns and Regions that, thanks to its network of thousands historic cities, acts as a multiplier partner of PERHT project.

Reducing Traffic

Reducing private traffic by favoring modal shift towards Public Transport and Bike Sharing service.

Sustainable Policies

Reducing the congestion of private and commercial traffic by reduction of the total number of car and vans in the historical center.



Informed Travellers

Providing users with comprehensive online information to make more sustainable travel choices.



Green Vehicles

Promoting the use of green “vehicles” ( electric / hybrid ) and fleets in urban distribution.



Flexible Transport

Promoting flexible transport service and bike use for people mobility.