COL-TAXI service presentation

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Treviso, July 29th, 2014

The COL-TAXI service has been presented today at premises MOM-Mobilita' di Marca, born by the agreement between the company and the cooperative Radio Taxi Treviso (CO.TA.TRE) and co-funded by the European project LIFE+ PERHT. The service will be activated in August 2014 for a trial of one year, it purpose the extension of services dedicated to urban mobility in the city of Treviso even in the nighttime, when the urban public transport is absent and, in particular, it wants to improve the links between center and periphery. The goal has been achieved thanks to an agreement with the taxi drivers operating in this city. For this reason the slogan chosen for COL-TAXI is "the taxi at night thought to be a bus". The service will be active in the time interval 20:30-00:30 and 04:30-06:30, in the days in which there is a public transport service provided by MOM. It's restricted to subscribers of at least 16 years of age (under 16 must be accompanied by having rights). It will be possible to make transfers with taxis along the lines currently provided for urban transport: from bus stop to bus stop and along the same line of the bus. The urban area of ​​Treviso has been divided into 3 zones (center, periphery 1 and periphery 2). Each zone will have a different rate. The client will pay the price for its transfer the rate of more peripheral area crossed. It will be possible to travel in the center-periphery directions and vice versa (move from one area to another crossing the center will not be possible with a single rate, nor do movements that involve multiple bus lines). The rates for an individual passenger will be from 4 € for transfers center-center, and 7 € for transfers periferia1-center, up to a maximum of € 9 for center-periferia2. It will be possible a substantial reduction of rate in case of collective use of the taxi. Four passengers, for example, will pay € 2 to a maximum of € 3 each. To use the service you will have to call the call center radio taxi to the number 0422.431515. You may send an SMS by the dedicated area from the App TreviMOve. In both cases you will be recalled by an operator that it will ask you the position of the bus stop of departure. The COL-TAXI service is being promoted with stickers visible on all bus stops of the area involved. Promotional posters will be placed to bus stops and inside the buses.

Published 06/08/2014 09:07:00