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Flexible Transport

Flexible Transport schemes such as Demand Responsive Transport and Collective Taxis offer sustainable alternatives for personalised and yet collective mobility solutions in urban centres. In the context of PERHT, Treviso will implement and demonstrate a collective taxi service (Col-Taxi) as a new mobility scheme fully integrated within the overall public transport offer.

Col-Taxi will be operated by the local taxi company in the urban area of Treviso, including the inner historical centre (i.e. within the boundaries of the ancient walls) the surrounding urban environment and the first peri-urban belt around the city. The service will cover the time periods when regular public transport services are not operated or demand is low (e.g. night services, Sunday/bank holiday services, etc.). By Col-Taxi users will be able to travel between any stops served in other times of the day by the public transport services by reserving their journey in advance via a dedicated call centre.

Overall, Col-Taxi will offer a new, flexible, attractive and economic collective transport offer, well integrated with other existing or future mobility services, such as e.g. P+R services, bike sharing and bike stations, regional train services, etc,

This service will be initially restricted to the subscribers of regular public transport services (i.e. the owners of monthly or yearly tickets). Based on results of the pilot operations, the services may be extended also to other users.