Stimulating the adoption of "green vehicles" - i.e. fully electric or at least hybrid vehicles - to alleviate the impacts of conventional combustion engine traffic is one of the forefront policies of Europe today. PERHT is in line with the policies of Treviso Municipality related to this theme of sustainable mobility and will help implementing new measures to further promote "electromobility" as a sustainable segment of urban traffic.

Particularly new recharging stations and services for electric vehicle will be installed in key locations of the historic centre for use by private electric car owners. Accompanying incentive policies will be defined and adopted by the local administration as a complementary measure to further help electric mobility. This include free access to and circulation in the inner historical centre normally restricted for cars, priority policies for parking booking and usage, free or reduced tariff schemes, etc.

All these measures are coherent with the National Priority 2.a of the sustainable urban policies of the Italian Ministry of the Environment Sea and Land Protection.