Reducing the environmental impacts of private and commercial traffic is the main goal of PERHT. The approach taken in Treviso is to turn each parking facility of the local parking system (selected groups of on-street parking lots and parkhouses) into a "hub for green urban mobility" providing facilities and services that will enable achieving a number of strategic objectives, including:

  • reduce the impacts of car traffic by improved management of parking services and implementation of flexible parking schemes as an instrument to support sustainable mobility policy objectives;
  • provide efficient integration of parking services with public transport and other collective mobility services;
  • encourage and support citizens and travellers to shift from car to a number of alternative, attractive individual and collective sustainable mobility services;
  • reduce the impacts of commercial traffic (city goods distribution) by providing dedicated parking facilities (e.g. freight load/unload areas with dynamic reservation, micro-hub services, etc.) for last mile operations and better integration of city logistics in the overall urban mobility management scheme.
  • promote and incentivate the take up of electric mobility for both people and goods.

The adoption of such schemes will positively contribute to reducing the adverse effects of current mobility processes and practice in people and freight transport, and will lead to relevant improvements in terms of energy saving, urban environment as well as life quality in Treviso inner historical centre. Providing a viable model with high potentials for replication in other European small-/mid-size historic towns.